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Easy Ways To Make Your Home A Kitty Haven

May 15 2024

Have you recently adopted a cat? Or has your feline buddy been with you for a while? No matter how long Fluffy has been your furry sidekick, there are most likely some things you can do to make your home a bit more fun and comfortable for her. A local Honesdale PA vet offers some tips on that in this article.

Beds, Beds, And More Beds

You’ve probably noticed that our feline buddies are, for some reason, collectively exhausted. Therefore, it’s probably not going to be a huge surprise to find beds on the top of this list.

Store-bought beds are fine, and we would definitely encourage you to pick up one or two. You can get some pretty cute ones these days! However, you can also easily make plenty of comfy spots for your sleepy pet. You can fold up soft throw blankets and put them on a storage ottoman or footstool. Or, put a pillow in a large wicker basket. (Fluffy will probably nap on your bed, sofa, and couch regularly, but you don’t need to do anything there.)

If you want to get more creative, look up ideas for upcycling furniture. People have made cat beds out of all sorts of things, from old suitcases to console TV sets. You can also paint or varnish these so they match your décor.

Create A Kitty Garden

Plants add a cozy feel to any home. They also help clean your air. Many kitties love nibbling on green leaves. Fluffy is also quite fond of peeking out at her humans from behind leaves or vines, much as an actual tiger would do. Set out plants at your pet’s level for her to sniff at and munch on. You can also grow your own catnip or wheat grass. Just be sure to stick with safe options. Check with the ASPCA site here for a full list.

Provide Kitty Furniture

Fluffy isn’t shy about ‘borrowing’ furniture from her humans. However, it’s really good for her to have a few things that she doesn’t have to share. 

Cat towers are, of course, the gold standard here. These are multi-purrpose pieces: they provide cats with napping spots, nail care stations, and jungle gyms. They also give your feline overlord a great spot from which she can look down at her servants (you) and kingdom with that adorable smug look kitties do so well.

Have A Great Litterbox Setup

Fluffy is a very easy keeper. One reason for this is the fact that she will use a litterbox. You won’t have to rush home after work to walk her or let her out. However, kitties do like their bathrooms nice and clean, and who can blame them? Nobody wants to use a dirty bathroom!

Setting up a litterbox isn’t exactly rocket science, though you can buy one that is shaped like a spaceship. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure the spot is in a place that is easily accessible and offers your pet some privacy. It shouldn’t be in direct sunlight or a cold, drafty area.
  • If you have more than one cat, you’ll need more than one box. A good rule of thumb is one bathroom per furball, plus at least one extra.
  • You’ll need to keep Fluffy’s age in mind here. Senior cats often find it easier to use litter boxes with low sides. If you’re getting a kitten, avoid clay and clumping litters. Baby cats can accidentally ingest litter. With these kinds of litter, that can be extremely dangerous.
  • There are now quite a few modern options. You may get a litter that will turn a certain color according to hormones and other aspects of your pet’s waste. Or, you may want to get a self-cleaning box. Ask your Honesdale PA vet for recommendations.

Give Your Feline Overlord A Catio

We always recommend that cats stay indoors. It’s much safer for them! Keeping Fluffy in will protect her from a whole slew of dangers, including cars, weather, toxic plants, chemical exposure, parasites, wild animals, and stray or loose dogs and cats.

Of course, pets need entertainment and stimulation to thrive. Fluffy does benefit from the enrichment and activity she will get from rolling around in your flowerbeds, hunting the neighborhood birds, and exploring little nooks and crannies.

A catio will offer your feline pal the best of both worlds. An enclosed porch or patio is a great spot for this, but it isn’t your only option. You can also use a spare room or any bright spot. Add a cat tower, some toys, and a few pet-safe plants and voila! Happy cat.

Scratching Posts

Fluffy is very good about keeping her tiny paw daggers sharp, and with good reason. Kitties depend on their nails for survival in the wild! You’ll need to provide your furry pal with a suitable manicure station. A cat tower will work, but you can also get scratching posts or boards. Have fun with this! They actually make some pretty cute ones these days. You can give Fluffy a scratching board shaped like a taco, turntable, or bat. Or, pick one that looks like retro furniture.

Pet Fountains

Did you know that many cats prefer to drink running water? That makes sense: in the wild, standing water is much more likely to have been contaminated by parasites or algae. Get Fluffy a little kitty fountain.

Offer Your Pet A View

One thing about catios is they provide enrichment, by allowing Fluffy a spot where she can safely see what’s going on outdoors. Many cats are a bit obsessed with looking out windows. Offer your pet at least one or two spots with a good view. Your furry little voyeur may spend hours relaxing and daydreaming about hunting.

If you really want to please your feline pal, put a bird feeder up in your line of sight. You can even get ones that you can fit into a window. However, the poor birds may be a bit traumatized if they see a kitty watching them eat.

Sunbeam Access

Have you ever found your kitty relaxing in a sunbeam? Chances are, the answer to that question is probably yes. Cats do not actually run on solar power, but we aren’t sure if they know that. Fluffy loves finding a bright sunny spot to recharge her catteries!

Put one of your pet’s beds in a spot that gets decent sunlight.

Bonus Purrs: Vertical Space

Many cats love high spots. This isn’t surprising: Fluffy really doesn’t have a great view from ground level! Give your pet a way to get to a higher vantage point. Cat towers are great, of course. If you want to go all-out, you can install kitty shelves. The ultimate cat-spoiling option here would be to put in a catwalk that goes all the way around a room or even the whole house. This may sound a bit extravagant, but it may cost less than you think, and your kitty will probably love it. Many rescues do this: you can see videos of their furry wards having the time of their lives on these.

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Easy Ways To Make Your Home A Kitty Haven

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